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Turman Tackle Update To Online Shopping Cart Connected To Bricks & Mortar POS System.
Sandland Adventure Update Site With Integrated Social Media.
Honna Hogan Art Portfolio and Exhibit Calendar.
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Who We Are?

In 1997, Scott and Sandy Todd had the inspiration to take their indivudal business skills and invest them into the bustling dotcom marketplace. Both had had successful careers in computers, sales and business management, so combining their strengths to help local business take the first steps into the online world was a logical next step. Thus, was born, and has specialized in marketing local mom and pop businesses on the World Wide Web. Find out more about our special qualifications and techniques for maximizing your web presence.

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Why Choose Us

Social Media Strategy
We implement a combination of social media networks proven effective for industry, including Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and others.
Providing Leading Services

As the internet evolves, so must your web presence. Today it’s social media, tomorrow it’s Quick Response Apps. You need a team that can provide you the current design elements that won’t break the bank. We can provide Reponsive Design, Slikding Panels, Homepage Tours, QR Code Apps, API widgets, Retina support and more.

Providing Optimal Solutions

Simply put, we build web sites that work. We don’t take short cuts and we don’t break the bank. We know that people visit small business web sites to meet a specific need and the most important factor is that they trust you to answer their questions so that they will buy your product or service.

World of Ideas

Web site development is more than code and cool graphics. Presenting your product with technology that is familiar to your demographic is the most important aspect of design. Let us help you implement the latest trends in a usable format for your customers.