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Sandy Todd has been fascinated with computers since she first plotted USFS wilderness boundaries on a WANG computer in 1975. Computers have been a mainstay of her career, from her early days at the US Forest Service to Sales Support at Keds Shoes to the creation of billing systems for legal offices. Moving from tag-based markup, used in word processing in the 1980s, to Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) was an easy jump. She has since applied this ease with computer language to include working with JavaScript, ASP, and CSS.

 In addition to her computer work, maintaining working relationships with sales teams, small business clients, professional clients and retail customers has routinely fallen under her purview. She learned the value of listening to words both spoken and unspoken, maintaining a willingness to learn and try something new, and putting the client’s needs first.

She also learned much about social engagement through her work with girl scouts, both as a leader and Service Unit Manager. Most importantly, it does no good to have the brightest ideas or ambitious goals if you do not have the support of your team. Engaging active participation through respect and encouragement is a lesson she uses every day for clients in the new market of social media.

This array of real world business applications guarantee you more than a technical site that is either too bloated or too complicated for the user or the site manager. Combining this knowledge with fifteen years’ experience as CEO of Pacific101.com assures you of both the business acumen and internet expertise to take your business and web site to the next level. Founder, Pacific101

J. Scott Todd serves as technical advisor and accounts manager. He is responsible for developing and managing strategic partnerships with top merchant acquirer/processors, payment gateways, card networks and technology partners. 

 Previously, Scott worked for ten years in addiction counseling, pioneering out-patient treatment in Oregon, Washington and Montana States. Eventually Scott was hired at Glacier View Hospital and then promoted to Administrator of Glacier View Hospital’s Outpatient Program in Missoula MT. There he learned the necessity of astute business practices including advertising, marketing and community relations.  In addition to implementing routine marketing strategies, he also assisted area corporations in developing employee assistance programs, offered Public Presentation Programs, and created client socialization and volunteerism opportunities. He then launched Three Rivers Treatment Center in 1990 in order to offer quality, sliding scale services to the community, and operated it until increased funding brought more state and federal programs to the Missoula area.

While Scott was always dedicated to the recovery of his clients, his high energy always found him in numerous projects on the side. He was known for his avid support of the local boxing club, raising funds to take kids to state and national championships, something they had never been able to offer before. Or he would be tinkering on televisions or computers, installing the latest entertainment system or adding components to increase computer performance. Even in the treatment field, he was at the cutting edge of computer technology and was one of the first to utilize computerized diagnostic tools and patient files. Eventually he decided to put his computer and people skills to use by assisting his wife in her computer and web design business, and Pacific101 was born.

Scott attended Northern Montana University, interned at Hilltop Recovery and received his CDC license in 1984. He is an avid fisherman and boxing fan, and more recently taken up horology. When he is not engaged in these past times he is enjoying life with his wife, four children and eight grandchildren.


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